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What’s Wrong With Mario Lopez’s Health?

Mario Lopez, the Mexican-American actor and television host, is known best for his roles in the television shows Saved by the Bell and The X Factor, and as the host of Extra. His career has been successful, but unfortunately, his health is not in the best shape.

Recent Diagnosis

Recently, Mario Lopez revealed that he has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder which causes an inflamed thyroid, or an autoimmune thyroiditis. The condition can cause serious health consequences if left untreated. So far, there is no known treatment for autoimmune thyroiditis, but many sufferers are able to manage their symptoms through a combination of lifestyle changes and medications.

Other Issues

In addition to his autoimmune disorder, Mario Lopez has suffered from other health issues as well. In 2010, he underwent shoulder surgery due to a recurring shoulder injury. He has also had issues with his spine, and underwent surgery in 2018 to resolve it.

Managing Symptoms

Mario Lopez has been making the necessary lifestyle changes to help manage the symptoms of his autoimmune disorder and other health issues. He’s eating a healthy, nutritious diet and exercising regularly. He also takes supplements like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D to help manage the effects of his autoimmune disorder.

Stay Positive

Most importantly, Mario Lopez is staying positive. He recently said on his podcast, “I can’t let this thing stop me from living life and enjoying life. I have to stay positive and stay on the path to healing.”

Mario Lopez is setting a great example for others facing similar health issues. With a combination of optimism, lifestyle changes, and medical treatment, many people are able to manage their health issues and live full, happy lives.