when can babies sit in a bouncer



When Can Babies Sit in a Bouncer?

Bouncers are a great way to keep your baby occupied, entertained and amused. But if you’re wondering when you can introduce your little one to a bouncer, the answer isn’t always clear.

Age When Bouncer Can Be Used

A bouncer is suitable for a baby once their spine is straight. This usually happens around 4 months. Additionally, babies should be able to hold their heads up while sitting in a bouncer, independent of support.

Features of a Bouncer

Bouncers are generally designed for babies weighing up to 15kg and can be adjusted to provide your baby with extra comfort. Support pads can also be added in order to make the bouncer fit any size. Most offer vibrate and music settings, adding to the fun.

Safety Tips

It is advised that you always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a bouncer, but here are some extra safety tips to remember:

    • Never leave your baby alone in a bouncer. Always be attentive.


    • Do not use a bouncer for an extended period of time. This is because the bouncer does not provide enough support for prolonged sitting.


    • Check for cracks, defects and for loose screws. Before each use, check for any damages or defects to ensure your baby’s safety.


Bouncers can be an excellent way to entertain your little one while giving you time to get some things done. When introducing your child to one, make sure they are of the right age, you are paying attention and you have checked the bouncer for any damages or defects.