when can babies sleep with lovey


When can babies Sleep with a Lovey?

A Lovey is small blanket or stuffed animal that makes babies feel secure and comforted. It has proven therapeutic benefits, such as calming anxiety and helping babies regulate their sleep patterns. However, with so many types of Loveys available, parents may wonder when is the ideal time to introduce one to their baby.

Introduce a Lovey Before 6 months

It is recommended that parents introduce a Lovey to their baby when the little one is between the ages of 3-6 months. At this age, babies are still searching for something that will represent attachment and security. A Lovey can aid the transition between being with their parents and learning to be independent.

At 3-6 months, babies are usually learning how to become comfortable with sleeping in their own beds and rooms. A Lovey can help in establishing a sense of security in their newborn.

Choosing a Suitable Lovey

Knowing which type of Lovey to invest in is important. Many toy stores have a range of security blankets, stuffed animals and dolls to select from. It is recommended to buy a Lovey that is soft and the right size for the baby to cuddle. It is also best to choose one that is machine washable in case it gets dirty.

Safety and Benefits of a Lovey

When used correctly, a Lovey provides babies with comfort, security and emotional benefits. It is important to ensure the safety of small babies when introducing a Lovey. Blankets and toys should always be away from anything that can suffocate or strangle a baby such as pillows, cords and other items.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Cognitive development: Loveys can help enhance language, problem solving and creative skills.
  • Encourages early attachment:A Lovey helps to fulfill the need to establish a strong bond with their parents or family members.
  • Healthier sleep:A Lovey can provide a comfort item to hug or touch while sleeping.

In conclusion, introducing a Lovey to babies between the ages of 3-6 months can greatly benefit their sleep quality and emotional well being. Parents should ensure to monitor the security and safety of their little one when introducing a Lovey.