when can i stop holding baby upright after feeding



When Should I Stop Holding My Baby Upright After Feeding?

Feeding your baby is one of the most precious moments for both of you, but how long after feeding should you hold them upright? Parents often wonder if they should hold their baby up right after feeding, but the answer isn’t always as clear. Read on to find out when it is safe to stop helping your little one stay upright.

Why is Upright Position Important?

It is important to hold your baby in an upright position after feeding to help them with burping. Burping is important to help your baby release air and gas that can become trapped in their system, which could cause discomfort. Burping can also help your baby digest the food better and help prevent spitting up and colic.

How Long Should I Hold My Baby Upright After Feeding?

Holding your baby in an upright position for 15-30 minutes after feeding is recommended. You will want to continue to hold or pat your baby’s back while they are in the upright position to help release any trapped air and gas. After the 15-30 minutes, you can put your baby down in a safe, reclined position.

What Should I Avoid After Feeding?

Some things you will want to avoid after feeding to help he digestion process and prevent spitting up or colic:

    • Lying Flat: Placing your baby flat right after feeding can be dangerous. It allows gravity to pull the food downward and make them vomit.
    • Sudden Movement: Make sure to do any movement slowly and carefully. Abrupt movements can cause your baby to vomit.
    • Rough Patting: It is ok to pat your baby’s back to help the burping process; however, be careful not to pat too hard or with too much force.
    • Active Playing: Right after feeding is not the time for active playing with your baby as this could cause them to vomit.


As we’ve discussed, it is important to hold your baby in an upright position after feeding for 15-30 minutes to help with digestion and release air and gas. After this, they can be placed in a reclined position and allowed to rest. Be sure to avoid any sudden movements or active playing as this could cause them to vomit.