when can you feel baby moving


When Can You Feel Baby Moving?

With every pregnancy comes the anticipation of feeling that first precious kick. Exactly when can you feel baby moving? Generally, it varies from woman to woman.

First Movements

Most first-time moms can feel their baby’s movements around 18-20 weeks into the pregnancy. This is typically when the baby is starting to move, flex, and kick, and the mom is able to sense the activity. For experienced mothers, they may be able to feel the movements earlier, around 16-18 weeks.

Second and Third Pregnancy

Experienced mothers may feel the baby move earlier if they have been pregnant already. This is due to the greater sensitivity of the abdominal wall and uterus. Plus, the baby may be more active as its movements are less restricted than in preceding pregnancies.

How Do You Feel Baby Move?

Baby movement is often felt similar to a gentle fluttering sensation, which can be intermittent. As the baby grows, so does its size and strength, so the movements will become stronger and more noticeable. Here are some tips on feeling your baby move:

  • Lay still: Laying still in a comfortable position can make it easier to sense the baby move.
  • Eat something sugary: Eating a sweet snack can cause your baby to move which makes them much easier to sense.
  • Monitor the movements: Get to know what is normal for your baby, so you can detect any changes in the pattern of movement.

If you feel irregular movements or any unexpected decrease in movement from your baby, it is important to phone your midwife or doctor immediately.

In conclusion, depending on your individual circumstances, you can start feeling your baby move around 16-20 weeks into the pregnancy. It is the first real sign that your baby is actually inside you!