when can you feel baby moving


When can you feel baby moving?

Expecting mothers often naturally get curious when they will start feeling their baby move. Every pregnancy is different, but there are some milestones to look out for which can give you an indication of when you might start to feel fetal movement.

Signs of fetal movement

Fetal movement begins in the second trimester, between weeks 16 and 24 of your pregnancy. During those weeks, your baby will start small movements such as stretching, rolling, and kicking.

First-time Mothers

For first-time pregnant women, it can take as long as 22 weeks before they feel their baby’s movements. On average, first-time mothers tend to feel their baby move from around 18 weeks onwards.

Mothers with previous pregnancies

For those with previous pregnancies under their belt, they tend to feel movement earlier and more often. Typically, women who have been pregnant before feel fetal movement from around 16 weeks.

Risk factors

If you are carrying multiples, there is a higher chance of earlier fetal movement. Additionally, some risk factors can prevent or delay women from feeling the baby’s movement such as high body fat percentage, an anterior placenta, or taking certain medications.

Checking fetal movement

Pregnant women may be recommended to keep track of their baby’s movement in the latter stages of their pregnancy. This can help to identify any problems or abnormalities in the baby’s development. Women should start counting their baby’s movements from around 28 weeks and feel at least 10 movements within two hours.

When to contact a doctor

If you have any concerns about your baby’s movement, it is recommended to contact your doctor or midwife. They will assess your situation and offer the necessary support and advice.

Benefits of fetal movement

Feeling your baby move in the womb can help you bond with your unborn baby and can also give you peace of mind. It is a sign that your baby is developing normally and that everything is going to plan.


Most pregnant women will start feeling their baby’s movement from around 18 to 24 weeks. First-time mothers typically feel their baby move at around 22 weeks, and mothers with previous pregnancies may feel their baby move earlier and more often. However, each woman’s experience is different. If you have any concerns about your baby’s movement, contact your doctor or midwife.