when can you feel baby moving


When Can You Feel Baby Moving?

Pregnancy is an exciting time, and one of the highlights for many mothers-to-be is feeling their baby move. While the exact timing can differ from mother to mother, there are general guidelines for when to expect that first flutter of movement.

Your First Feelings of Movement

For first-time mothers carrying one baby, baby movement is usually noticed anytime between 16 and 25 weeks gestation. This sensation, which many describe as butterflies or gas bubbles, is the baby’s limbs and digits stretching and growing inside the womb.

For Expecting Mothers with Multiple Babies

Those expecting twins, triplets, or other multiples may feel movement sooner than those with a single baby. This is because space in the uterus is often more limited. Highly active multiples may be felt as early as the 13th week of pregnancy.

Noticing Small Changes

At first, these movements may be so slight that anticipating mothers may not even be aware of them. Over time, however, they will become stronger and more obvious and can even be felt through the mother’s clothing.

Modifying Movements

At some point during pregnancy, both parents will want to make note of which movements they’re feeling. Some mothers may be able to distinguish between certain movements, such as kicks and punches.

From Movement to Quickening

As baby’s movements become more powerful and distinct, the mother will begin to feel what is known as quickening, or the baby moving its head and body. This usually occurs between 16 and 25 weeks.

Tips for Feeling Movement

  • Lie on your left side
  • Eat high-carbohydrate foods
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
  • Look for patterns in baby’s movements
  • Get plenty of rest

Taking time to pay attention to baby’s movements is an enjoyable part of being pregnant. Enjoy this special connection with you little one, and if you have any doubts or concerns, don’t hesitate to consult your healthcare provider.