when can you feel baby moving


When Can You Feel Baby Moving?

Pregnancy is an incredibly special time for any expecting family. As the baby grows within mom’s belly, the excitement of a new life coming into the world slowly grows. One of the most amazing and touching moments in pregnancy is feeling the baby’s movements — but when can you expect to experience that?

When To Expect To Feel Baby’s Movements?

  • If This is Your First Baby: You can expect to start feeling the baby move some time around the 20-week mark. It’s important to remember that all babies are different — some may make their presence known earlier, while some may take longer.
  • If You’re Expecting Multiples: You may already have felt the baby move from as early as 16 weeks because there is more room to move around. You are likely to be able to feel them moving and kicking earlier than if you’re expecting a single baby.

What Does It Feel Like?

It is common to describe the feeling as “butterflies” fluttering around in the stomach, or a small popping sensation. Newer mothers may not be able to distinguish between gas, digestion, and the baby’s movements. With practice, you will be able to differentiate between all three. It is also common for the baby’s movement to look like hiccups or be more visible through the mom’s belly while the baby is moving.

The Baby’s Development

By the time you feel the baby’s movements, he or she will have a strong enough skeleton for the movements to be visible. Bones and muscles are forming and the baby will be able to move and kick. This movement plays a crucial role in the baby’s development.

Record Your Baby’s Movements

Your midwife or healthcare provider might suggest keeping track of when the baby is moving. This can help to show if the baby is healthy and growing normally. Ask your midwife or doctor if they want you to keep a record of the baby’s movements — this could be done by recording when the baby moves, the time between movements, and how long the baby was active.

Feeling The Baby Move: A Special Moment

Feeling your baby move is an incredible and special experience. As mom or dad, you will feel closer to your baby and it will add to the experience and anticipation of becoming a parent. Enjoy and cherish this special moment and the bond that it brings!