when can you feel baby moving


When Can You Feel Baby Moving Inside the Womb?

It depends on a few factors

When can you feel baby moving? Well, it depends on a few factors, including the position of your baby in the womb, the size of your baby, and the sensitivity of your skin. Generally, women start to feel their baby moving by around week 16 or week 20 of pregnancy.


It is a common term given to the first episode of feeling the baby move inside the uterus. This usually occurs around week 18 to week 22. In the early weeks, you may not be able to distinguish your baby’s movement from other sensations like gas or your own stomach rumblings. This is called quickening and you may experience it with each pregnancy differently.

Honing in on Movement

As you get further on in your pregnancy, you should be able to recognize the pattern of these movements more easily. It’s important to become familiar with your baby’s distinct movements as this may help to detect her position in the womb.

For First-Time Moms

If this is your first pregnancy, you may not be able to accurately feel your baby until closer to week 25 or even later. Don’t worry if it takes you longer than you think it should.

Things You May Feel

  • Kicking – towards the end of your pregnancy, you can expect to feel a lot of kicks and punches as your baby moves around the womb.
  • Rolling – you may feel your baby roll or shift from one side of your abdomen to the other.
  • Hiccups – you may even feel your baby hiccup in utero, although this is less common.

When to Seek Medical Help

It’s always important to contact your doctor if you are concerned about your baby’s movements or if you haven’t felt any movement at all during your pregnancy. Many women feel reassured when they count their baby’s movements and attentively monitor the frequency and pattern of the movements.

In conclusion, the milestone of feeling your baby move can make you feel even more connected to your baby. Pay attention and talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.