when can you feel baby moving


When Can You Feel Baby Moving?

One of the most exciting moments of pregnancy is feeling your baby’s movements inside the womb. At first you may feel gentle flutters, but as the baby grows you’ll usually be able to feel more recognizable and stronger kicks.

How Soon Can You Feel Baby Moving?

Typically, you will start feeling baby movements sometime between 16 and 25 weeks of your pregnancy. Some expectant mothers may start feeling movements as early as 13 weeks, while others won’t start feeling anything until closer to 28 weeks.

What Should You Feel?

At first you may feel very gentle flutters or taps in your abdomen that seem to come and go. These are most likely your baby’s arms and legs moving. As your baby grows, you’ll feel more of a thumping or jabbing sensation in your upper or lower abdomen and side.

More Tips

  • Focus and relax: When trying to feel your baby moving, it helps to stay calm and relaxed. Have a snack or drink something cold or warm to wake up your baby and stay still for a few minutes.
  • Monitor your baby’s movements: Give your baby a chance to move for a few minutes each day. After 26 weeks, keep track of your baby’s movements, such as kicks and rolls, so you can be aware if something out of the ordinary happens.
  • Talk to your doctor: If you feel your baby is quieter than usual or you don’t feel any movements at all, call your doctor right away. They can examine you and take appropriate measures if needed.

Feeling your baby’s first movements is an exciting and special moment. Take some time each day to monitor your baby’s movements and keep your doctor informed of any changes. Enjoy this unique moment and the journey of parenthood along the way!