when can you feel baby moving


When Can You Feel Baby Moving?

It can be one of the most exciting moments in pregnancy – feeling the baby move for the first time! So when can expectant mothers start to feel those little flutters in the tummy?

When Can You Start to Feel Baby Move?

Most mums-to-be will start to feel baby move any time between 16 to 25 weeks into their pregnancy. Everyone is different, so your experience may vary. But generally, you can expect to feel baby move from around week 19 onwards.

What Does It Feel Like?

At first, the movement is very subtle. Often it can feel like a little twitch, or tickle, or bubble. As the baby continues to grow and become more active, the movements will become more obvious and pronounced.

Tips For Feeling Baby Move

Here are some tips to help you feel baby move:

  • Do it when baby is most active. Generally, babies are most active around the time of day when you are resting, so that’s the best time to feel those movements.
  • Eat something sweet. Eating something sugary can help wake up the baby and increase movement.
  • Listen to some music. Playing some soothing music can help encourage baby to move (and help you relax at the same time)
  • Talk to your baby. Babies respond to sound, so talking directly to your bump can be a great way to encourage them to start moving.

Remember that while baby movements are exciting and reassuring, too much movement can also be a sign that something might be wrong. If you are concerned, make sure to contact your midwife or doctor.

Enjoy the experience of feeling your baby move – it’s one of the most special moments of pregnancy!