when can you feel baby moving


Feel Baby Move in Second Trimester

It’s an exciting moment when you start to feel your baby move in your womb. For first-time parents, this can feel both exciting and surreal, especially as you’re feeling a small new life growing inside you.

What Does Baby Movement Feel Like?

The sensation of feeling your baby move is unique and different for every mother. Some say it feels like a small flutter or bubble popping, while other moms-to-be may compare it to an electric shock or tingling feeling.

When Can You Feel Baby Move?

It’s possible to feel your baby move starting around the 16th week of your pregnancy. Most mothers feel baby move by 18-25 weeks

How to Track Baby Movements?

It’s important to track your baby’s movements, as it’s a good indicator of their health. Your doctor or midwife will likely recommend keeping an eye on your baby’s movements and alerting them if they decrease. You can track baby movements by:

  • Counting Kicks: This involves counting how many times you feel your baby move in an hour. Keep track of when you feel the movements start and stop, and record them to share with your doctor or midwife.
  • Feeling a Pattern: Once you learn the pattern of your baby’s movements you may be able to recognize when the pattern changes or slows down. This can be a sign that something’s wrong and you should contact your doctor or midwife.
  • Using a Smartphone App: There are many smartphone apps available to help track baby movements. Such apps can help count kicks and alert you if there are any sudden changes in movement.

Being able to feel your baby move can be a cool and exciting experience for a soon-to-be mother. With proper tracking and monitoring, you can be sure that your baby is healthy and growing properly in your womb.