when can you feel baby moving


When Can You Feel Baby Moving?

Women typically begin to feel their baby move between 16 and 25 weeks of pregnancy. This is known as ‘quickening’. Everyone experiences this differently. For some women it may feel like butterflies, others will feel distinct kicks and decreases.

First Movements are Subtle and Rare

During the early stages, baby’s movement may feel like a flutter or light tapping sensation. This sensation can come and go as the baby is still learning how to move. Rich foods or caffeine may increase the chances of feeling a slight movement.

Recognise Your Baby’s Patterns

As the baby begins to move around more frequently and with more force, it can help to take notice of your baby’s patterns.

  • Pay attention to times when your baby is active. This could be in the mornings, after you have eaten, after you have had a shower, etc.
  • Take note of the patterns of movement. Do you feel more kicks or punches? Do certain activities elicit more movement?
  • Monitor how frequently your baby moves and for how long. Is this often or sporadic? Do longer and more intense movements indicate that your baby is more awake?

Talk to Your Health Care Provider

It is completely normal for some pregnant women to feel baby movements earlier or later than others. If you have any concerns about baby’s movements or if you do not feel any movements despite being more than 20 weeks along, you should talk to your medical provider. They will help you assess your pregnancy and answer any questions you may have.