when can you feel baby moving


Feeling the Baby Move

Pregnancy can be an exciting time. There are so many new and special experiences that parents share during this time. One of the most remarkable experiences for expecting parents is feeling the baby move. Everyone’s experience is different – here’s what you can expect.

First Trimester

Most women won’t feel the baby move during the first trimester. It’s possible to feel brief, fluttering movements during this period, but it’s usually much too early to distinguish them as coming from the baby. At about 16-25 weeks, most women start to feel the baby’s movements for the first time.

Second and Third Trimester

During the second and third trimester, most women experience the baby moving on a regular basis. Here are some common experiences:

  • Kicking: Quick, jabbing sensations that feel like very strong muscle contractions.
  • Rolling: A rolling or swirling sensation that feels like a wave literally moving through you.
  • Punching: Punching sensations that feel like a boxer swinging at you.

For first-time mothers, it’s usually quite startling when they first experience the baby move. It’s normal to be surprised and amazed. Some fathers even enjoy feeling the baby kick and punch when Mom lays their hand on her belly!

In the second and third trimester, the baby’s movements become more predictable. Parents can often identify situations that encourage the baby to wake up and move. For instance, after a mom eats something sweet or drinks a glass of juice, the baby may start kicking in response to the energy boost.