when can you feel baby moving


When Can I Feel My Baby Moving?

Many expecting mothers spend their pregnancies eagerly awaiting the day they can experience the joy of feeling their baby move.

The Beginnings of Fetal Movement

Early fetal movement can begin as early as the eighth week of gestation, although most moms will not feel it until 16-25 weeks.

How Does it Feel?

The movements are usually best described as gentle flutters, although some moms may feel more definite thumps.

Factors Affecting Movement

Some of the factors that can affect when you feel the movement of your baby include:

  • Body size: If you are overweight, you may not feel the movements until the 20-week mark.
  • Fetus size: If the fetus is larger than average, you may feel movements earlier than normal.
  • Maternal age: Older mothers may feel their babies moving sooner than younger mothers because they have less body fat.
  • Previous pregnancies: Mothers who have had more than one pregnancy may notice movement earlier because they are more familiar with the sensation.

Bonding Through Fetal Movement

For many moms, feeling their baby move is a special moment. It can be a time of joy as they bring the baby closer to them and a source of comfort during difficult times.

Learning to Recognize Movement

Be sure to talk to your doctor if you have not felt any movement by the 24th week or feel that baby’s movements have become less frequent. Your doctor can make sure that your baby is healthy and will provide guidance on how you can remember to track your baby’s movements. Be sure to let your doctor know when you do feel the movements as well, as that can provide reassurance that all is well.

Enjoy this precious time as your baby continues to grow and take shape. Fetal movement can be a beautiful reminder of the beauty of the reproductive process and your ability as a mother to nurture and protect your baby.