when can you feel baby moving


When Will IStart Feeling My Baby Move?

Feeling your baby moving in your belly can be a highlight of the pregnancy experience. Although it’s exciting to feel your baby move, it can also cause a bit of anxiety for expectant moms. Some moms don’t feel their baby move until later in their pregnancy, while others can feel movement much earlier.

Average Timeline of Baby Movement

The average timeline for when you might start to feel your baby move in utero can vary greatly. Most pregnant women report that they start feeling their baby move between 18-20 weeks of pregnancy.

Factors That Might Affect When You Feel Movement

  • Location of placenta: If the placenta is located in front of the uterus, it can block out some of the movements the baby is making.
  • BMI: Women with higher body mass index (BMI) might not feel their baby move until later in their pregnancy because there is more fat between the baby and the mother’s skin.
  • Previous pregnancies: A mother’s previous pregnancy experience can affect their ability to feel movement early. If this is the mother’s second pregnancy, she might feel the baby move much earlier than someone who is expecting their first child.

How to Promote Baby Movement

  • A great way to promote baby movement is to make sure you are eating healthy foods that are filled with nutrients and vitamins, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Getting plenty of rest and reducing stress can also help promote baby movement.
  • Your doctor may suggest exercises such as yoga and light walking that can encourage your baby to move around.

Although you might feel anxious when you haven’t felt your baby move yet, it is important to remember that every baby is different. Your baby’s movements are an important indicator of their health and development, so if you have any concerns, make sure to contact your doctor.