when can you feel baby moving


When will you feel Your Baby Moving?

The feeling of your baby’s first movements, known as quickening, is an exciting moment for any expecting mom. While you may not feel it until after the middle of your second trimester, some lucky mamas-to-be feel it earlier. Knowing when and how to expect those first kicks can give you peace of mind as your pregnancy progresses.

First Trimester

By the end of your first trimester, your baby is already formed, and has begun to move. The movements, however, are usually too subtle for you to feel. Instead, your doctor or midwife will use a Doppler device to listen to the baby’s heartbeat and will be able to feel the baby’s movements as they occur during your routine doctor’s visits.

Second Trimester

By about 16 weeks, you may start to feel your baby’s first movements as your pregnancy continues. Women often describe the first movements as “fluttery” or like butterflies. When this occurs is often genetic, so it can be different for each mom. Your first movements are a sign that you and your baby are healthy and it is important to share your experiences with your doctor or midwife.

Third Trimester

By the third trimester, your baby’s movements will become stronger and more frequent as they continue to grow. As your baby is squished for space as the weeks go by, their movements will seem less gentle and more like kicks as space becomes tighter. During this time your doctor or midwife may ask you perform kick counts to ensure your baby is healthy and is receiving enough oxygen.

Tips to Feel Baby’s Movements

  • Eat something sweet. A sugar rush can provide a temporary burst of energy for your baby to move.
  • Drink a cold beverage. A cold drink can cause your baby to squirm around.
  • Lay down. After eating or drinking something, lay on your left side and rest. This can makes it easier for you to detect tiny movements.
  • Play music. Babies can pick up on sound at an early stage in the womb, so playing calm music or singing a lullaby can induce movement.

The feeling of your baby’s first movements is an exciting moment to savor during your pregnancy. Knowing when and how to expect those first kicks can help to reassure you that your baby is healthy and growing. Speak to your doctor or midwife if you have any concerns about your baby’s movements.