when can you feel baby moving


When Can You Feel Baby Moving?

Most pregnant women will start to feel their baby move around week 20 of their pregnancy. Every pregnant woman may differ in experience, but this is the general range to expect it in. Keep in mind that the more pregnancies you have had, the sooner you may feel your baby move around as your abdominal muscles will be more relaxed for round two.

When you first feel the fluttery feeling in your belly, it may feel like nothing else before. If this changes your pregnancy experience permanently, you know what is happening!

What Does it Feel Like?

Baby movement is described as a subtle fluttering sensation that can be felt either at the very top of your stomach, or the bottom. You may even feel a gentle rolling or jabbing sensation especially towards the end of the second trimester. Knowing what you are feeling for is key in recognizing if it is your baby you are feeling or something else.

Other Signs

Before you can start feeling your baby’s movements, there are a few other important signs that your body may be giving. These include:

  • Braxton Hicks Contractions: These are practice contractions for the body and can start as early as the second trimester. They often feel like gentle but rhythmic squeezing of your uterus.
  • Hiccups: The hiccups inside the womb are usually felt as a popping sensation within the abdomen, often accompanied with a sudden jump in movements.
  • Quickening: This is the term used to describe the first movements felt by mommy. It is a fluttering feeling experienced by mommy.

Amount of Movement

A fetus begins to move more and more as the months pass by. A couple weeks before you deliver your baby, it will be moving around vigorously, which may include elbows and feet poking out of your stomach!

It is recommended that you keep track of your baby’s movements, by counting them each day. Not every kick will be felt, the movements will be more like rolling and poking. Keeping track of your baby’s movements can be helpful in assesing fetal health.


Pregnant women may start to feel their baby move around week 20 of their pregnancy. Other signs that the baby is present may include Braxton Hicks contractions, hiccups and quickening. A fetus will move around more and more as the months pass, and their movements may be kept track of, to help asses fetal health.