when can you feel baby moving


When Do You Start to Feel Your Baby Move?

Every expectant mother anxiously awaits the moment when she will start to feel her baby’s movements. Although most women feel their baby move between 16 and 25 weeks into their pregnancy, there is no definite timeline for when you can expect to feel your baby move. In some cases, you may even start to feel the baby move as early as 12 weeks or as late as 26 weeks.

Factors That Affect When You Will Feel Baby Move

When you will start to feel your baby move is dependent upon a variety of factors. These include:

  • Size: The size of your baby will determine how strong the movements feel. Smaller babies tend to lead to subtler movements, whereas larger babies cause larger, more forceful movements.
  • Where the Placenta is Located: When the placenta is located in the front of the womb, it can act as a barrier and dull the effect of the baby’s movements. If this is the case, you may not start to feel the baby move until later in the pregnancy.
  • Body Habits: Some women notice the first flutters of their baby’s movements very easily, while others have a harder time. Sitting still, concentrating on the movements and eating small snacks throughout the day can help promote movement and make it easier to feel the baby move.

Tips For Feeling Baby Move

  • Timing: Pay attention to when your baby is typically active throughout the day. You can keep a journal to help track when the baby is most active, or you can talk to your doctor to get advice on when to focus on feeling the baby move.
  • Quiet Moments: After a meal, or in the evenings when your baby is most likely to be awake, take a few moments to sit quietly and focus on the baby’s movements. Placing your hand on your belly can help amplify your ability to feel the baby.
  • Drink Something Sweet: Drinking a sugary beverage or eating a sugary treat can help wake up the baby and encourage movement. However, make sure to check with your doctor to ensure that any sweet drinks or snacks you choose are safe for you and your baby’s health.

Overall, the moment when you feel your baby move is different for everyone. Therefore, it’s important to remain patient and be aware of the pregnancy milestones that your doctor will monitor throughout your journey. As long as all of your pregnancy tests and appointments remain normal, you don’t need to worry – eventually you will feel your little one’s movements.