when can you feel baby moving


When Can You Feel Baby Moving?

As the third trimester approaches, many expecting mothers begin to feel their baby move. This can be an exciting moment of anticipation for both the mother and her family. However, when can expectant mothers typically expect to feel the baby move inside them?

By Week 16

Most expecting mothers can expect to feel their baby’s movements by the 16th week of pregnancy, though some mothers may feel their child move earlier. During this stage of the pregnancy, the foetus is usually small enough that a first-time mother may not immediately recognize the sensation. The foetus’ movements will become more defined and pronounced soon after.

By Week 18

By week 18, the foetus will be large enough that almost all mothers can easily differentiate the movements. For first-time mothers, it can take a few weeks to acclimate to the sensations that their baby movements cause.

Timing of Movement

It is normal for baby movement to follow the same schedule each day, though changes that occur due to increased activity or restlessness should not be considered abnormal. Babies normally rest during the night and become more active during the day, when more nutrient-rich blood is pumped back to the placenta. Increasingly active babies can cause mothers to feel movement in the late evenings and very early mornings.

The Benefits of Feeling Baby Move

When you feel your baby move for the first time, it’s an emotional moment for mothers and families. Apart from it being a magical experience, the benefits of being able to feel the baby move are:

  • Know that Baby Is Growing – feeling the baby move lets you know that your baby is growing and developing, and that everything is progressing as it should.
  • Bond with Baby – feeling the fluttering will help you bond with your baby.
  • Alert You of Any changes – if you feel an unusual or unexpected pattern of reduced baby movements, it can be an indicator that something is wrong, and you should consult your doctor.

Overall, you should not worry if it takes a bit of time before you can feel your baby move. All babies develop differently and at different rates. If your pregnancy is progressing normally, you should be able to feel your baby moving by the 16th week. Enjoy the emotional moment when it finally arrives!