when can you paint baby nails


When can you paint baby nails?

Painting baby nails is a common practise that many parents do. But it’s important to know when is the right time to start.

Before Birth

  • Before Birth – Baby nails start growing about halfway through a pregnancy but are often too soft to clip.
  • After Birth – Baby nails will keep growing rapidly after birth and become harder and more manageable.

After Birth

  • It’s important to wait until baby nails are hard enough before attempting to trim them.
  • Baby nails can be easily trimmed or filed with a baby nail clipper or emery board.
  • Trimming and filing should be done regularly before baby nails become too long.

Painting Baby Nails

Once baby nails are trimmed and filed, the nails can be painted. It is recommended that babies wait until they are about 1 year old before painting their nails. It’s important to use a baby-safe, non-toxic nail polish. It is also important to keep in mind that babies and toddlers put their hands in their mouths often, so it is best to keep the nail polish off their little fingers.

It can be exciting to paint baby nails, but it is important to approach it with care and caution. It’s best to wait until baby nails are hard enough and then use only baby-safe, non-toxic nail polish to ensure the safest possible painting experience.