when do babies breathe through mouth


When Do Babies Breath Through Their Mouth?

Breathing through the mouth is a normal part of childhood. However, it can be worrisome for parents when their baby is consistently breathing through their mouth rather than their nose.

Signs of Mouth Breathing

Signs your baby is breathing through their mouth include:

  • Dry, cracked lips
  • Long pauses between breaths
  • Red, irritated cheeks
  • A bovine or snoring sound when they breathe

Reasons Babies Breath Through Their Mouth

There are a few common reasons why your baby may be experiencing mouth breathing.

  • Respiratory infections can cause babies to breath heavily, sometimes through their mouth. The only way for your baby to treat this is with antibiotics.
  • Allergies can cause your baby to breathe through their mouth. Your baby may benefit from medications to reduce the impact of the allergies.
  • Enlarged tonsils can block their nasal passages and force them to breath through their mouth. Surgery may be recommended for this condition.

When To See a Doctor

If your baby is consistently breathing through their mouth, consult a physician. Left untreated, mouth breathing can lead to poor dental development and snoring.

Your doctor can recommend treatments to help your baby’s condition and improve their overall health.