when do babies start taking 1 nap


When Do Babies Start Taking 1 Nap?

Babies sleep a lot, usually taking multiple short naps throughout the day. But when do they start taking one single nap?

Why the Change in Baby Napping Habits?

Babies start to take one nap at around the one year mark. This is due to a growth spurt in their sleeping abilities at this stage in development. Babies naturally reduce the amount of daytime sleep they need as they grow in size and strength and become more active. As their thirst for knowledge and discovery increases, their need for sleep gradually reduces.

Signs Baby is Ready for One Nap

At around one year old, signs your baby is ready for one nap a day include:

  • Becoming tired by early afternoon
  • Taking more restorative naps during the day
  • Being awake and alert for longer periods of time
  • Increasing resistance to taking multiple naps during the day

Encouraging One Nap a Day

Once your baby is one year old and is ready to take one nap a day, there are a number of things you can do to encourage good nap habits:

  • Offer a consistent nap time and routine each day
  • Try to keep nap times regular each day
  • put your baby to bed in their own beds at the same time each day
  • Keep the nap environment calm and dark
  • Limit the amount of stimulation your baby experiences during the day

Once the one nap a day routine has settled in, you will be able to adjust the nap times in line with your baby’s energy levels and your own schedule.


Generally speaking, babies start to take one nap a day at around the one year mark. As your baby grows and their sleeping abilities improve, they will become more resistant to multiple naps during the day. Establish a consistent nap time and routine and keep the nap environment calm and dark, and you will have a happy sleeping baby.