when do babies start using straws


When Do Babies Start Using Straws

Meal and snack times are a fun part of parenting. As a baby grows and develops, they will begin to take an interest in various eating utensils and tools that help make eating a breeze. One of these popular tools is a straw. When is the right time to introduce babies to drinking with a straw?

Introducing Straws

Babies can typically start using straws as soon as they start solid foods, around the 6 month mark. At this age, they will still be using the bottle or breastfeeding. However, you can start familiarizing them with the concept by offering sips of liquids through a straw in a cup. It’s important to closely monitor and supervise all beverage consumption to ensure your baby isn’t ingesting too much liquid.

Choosing a Straw

  • Choose a straw specifically designed for babies. It should be made from a soft, silicone material.
  • The straw should have an angled design, allowing the liquid to naturally flow towards your baby.
  • Make sure the straw is properly sized for your baby’s mouth.
  • If you’re unsure, look for straws that are labeled as “BPA-free” and “dishwasher safe.”

Once you’ve chosen the perfect straw, you can introduce your little one to using it! They may not take to it right away so patience and practice are essential.

Tips For Making the Transition Easy

  • Start slow by offering just a sip or two of liquid until your baby gets used to it.
  • Once your baby is adept at drinking through the straw, help encourage them to drink more by filling a larger cup.
  • Encourage your baby to use the straw throughout the day in addition to meal and snack times.
  • Be there to support and praise your baby’s efforts. Cheering them on for their progress can help motivate them.

Overall, introducing your baby to straw drinking safely is important. Be sure to remember the tips mentioned above and get ready to have some fun watching your little one learn something new!