when do babies start using utensils


When Do Babies Start Using Utensils?

Introducing a child to basic eating utensils can be tricky. As they transition from consuming pureed food to solid options, they must learn how to use a spoon and fork correctly. Parents may wonder when babies should start using utensils.

Ages 6-10 Months

Once babies begin taking multiple meals of solid foods, they are typically ready to dabble with utensils. Parents should start by offering the spoon and fork together with the solid food. It is not necessary to expect their child to successfully eat solid meals with the utensils right away.

Encouraging Utensil Use

Parents can nurture their baby’s utensil skill development by:
* Offering soft-tipped training spoons and forks for a child to practice with
* Letting their baby explore the utensil independently
* Demonstrating how to hold and use the spoon and fork correctly
* Eating with their child during meal times

Dealing With Messy Eating

While babies learn using utensils, they might make a big mess on the high chair, table, and floor. Parents can make this stage less stressful by not expecting their babies to be perfect right away, covering the floor and high chair with a thin plastic sheet, and placing a few towels around the baby for frequent wiping.

Learning how to use a spoon and fork is an essential milestone for baby’s development. Introducing utensils at 6-10 months old gives babies a chance to exercise their fine motor skills. With the right amount of practice, babies can start to independently feed themselves at around 1 year old.