when do babies transition from 3 to 2 naps



Babies Transition from 3 to 2 Naps

It is common for an infant to take several naps per day up until the age of three months. However, as your baby grows, his sleep needs change.

Typically, once your baby reaches three to four months of age, you should start to move him towards taking two, rather than three, naps every day. This is known as the 2-2-3 nap schedule and is generally considered normal and developmentally appropriate.

Signs Your Baby is Ready to Transition to 2 Naps

When considering when to change your baby’s nap schedule, these signs can help determine if it’s time:

    • Less sleep during nap periods: If your baby is napping for a shorter amount of time, it may be time to reduce the number of naps.


    • Increased alertness: If your baby is more alert for longer periods of time during the day, it could be a sign that he needs fewer naps.


    • Bedtime falls after 7 pm: If your baby is having difficulty falling asleep before 7 pm, it may time to transition to two naps.


Tips to Transition to Two Naps

Once you decide to transition to two naps, you should reduce the length of each nap gradually. This can help your baby adjust to the change in sleeping schedule. Here’s how:

    • Reduce the morning nap: Shorten your baby’s morning nap by 15-20 minutes every few days until it’s around 1-2 hours.


    • Increase the afternoon nap: As you reduce the number of morning naps, lengthen your baby’s afternoon nap by 10-15 minutes every other day. This nap should be around 2-3 hours.


    • Avoid mid-day napping: Once your baby is taking two naps, try to avoid him taking a third nap in the middle of the day.


Making this change can be difficult for you and your baby. However, with enough patience and consistency, your baby will adjust to the new nap schedule.