when do baby eyebrows come in after birth


When Do Baby Eyebrows Come In After Birth?

Most parents wonder when their baby’s eyebrows will start growing in after birth. After all, this is one of their first glimpses that their baby is growing and changing and that they’re no longer the little newborn package they came home with.

Development of Baby Eyebrows

Generally, baby eyebrows start to become visible at around 4 to 6 months. By the time a baby is 8 months they should have full brows. This can happen a bit sooner for some babies and a bit later for others.

Variations in Newborn Cruelty

When babies are first born, their eyebrows may look a little sparse. This is normal and the following features should begin appearing on the brows within the first few months:

  • Thicker Hair – As the weeks progress, the eyebrow hairs become thicker and stiffer resulting in a more solid look.
  • Curved Arc – The brows will start to achieve a curved arc, and even start to arch in certain areas as further growth occurs.
  • Hairs Above Eyelids – As the brows grow, they’ll start to overlap and come close to the eyelids.
  • Unruly Hairs – Not all baby eyebrows will grow in the same way, and some will start to look unkempt and unruly.

baby Eyebrow Care

There’s not a whole lot parents need to do in terms of caring for baby eyebrows. However, if you notice any issues with the eyebrows or the skin around them it is best to consult a doctor in order to determine if any treatment is needed.

Although you may want to pluck or shape your baby’s eyebrows, this should be avoided. Babies are still growing and their features are still developing, so it’s important to let them do so naturally. In addition, the hair on the eyebrow is very fine and can be pulled out easily, further resulting in sparse or thin patches on the brows.

To help keep the eyebrows looking clean and neat, you can brush them lightly with a baby brush or use a clean, soft cloth to wipe away any dirt or debris that has accumulated on the skin.


In conclusion, baby eyebrows generally start to become visible at around 4 to 6 months. If you notice that your baby’s eyebrows are developing abnormally it is best to consult a doctor in order to determine if any treatment is needed. Additionally, it’s best to avoid plucking or shaping baby eyebrows since the hair is still very fine and the eyebrows are still developing. Researchers suggest that gentle brushing and wiping away of dirt may help in keeping the baby eyebrows looking neat and clean.