when do baby eyebrows come in


When Do Baby Eyebrows Come In?

When Do Baby Eyebrows Come In?

It is astonishing to see how quickly babies grow and develop after they are born. People are usually interested to know when their baby’s eyebrows will start to come in and when they can expect their baby to fully develop them.

When do baby eyebrows appear?

Most newborns come out with very light vellus hairs on their brows which will turn into thicker, coarser hairs on the eyebrows as the baby grows. Generally, by the time the baby is around 4 months old the eyebrow hairs will be darker and a bit thicker than the vellus hairs.

How can I encourage eyebrow growth?

Unfortunately, parents can’t actively encourage the growth of their baby’s eyebrows, as it will develop in its own time. But a few ways to help support normal development are:

  • adequate nutrition: make sure your baby is eating a balanced diet with plenty of proteins for healthy growth potential
  • adequate sleep: sleep is essential for healthy development and growth in a baby’s life
  • avoid stressors: maintain an environment that is devoid of stress or traumatic events, as these can hinder growth and development

As long as you are providing the best care possible, your baby’s eyebrows should appear in due time. This is usually around the 4-month mark.