when do bilingual babies start talking


When Do Bilingual Babies Start Talking?

Many parents are becoming more interested in raising their children bi- or multi-lingual. But when do these kids start using two languages? The answer depends on a variety of factors, but typically bilingual babies start talking in both languages between two and three years of age.

What Leads To Early Talking?

Bilingual babies often develop language skills at the same time as monolingual children. However, there are certain factors that can lead to accelerated growth. For instance, immersing a baby in two languages at home can help them learn both faster. Additionally, bilingual babies who interact with several caregivers may actually start talking earlier. As they learn more language shades from different speakings, their vernacular can bloom earlier.

Strategies For Early Talking

When it comes to teaching your bilingual baby two languages, parents should focus on implementing a few key strategies:

  • Talk As Much As Possible: For children to learn language, they need to hear it. So, try to fill your child’s environment with as much language as possible. Speak in both languages, read books, and allow them to watch language-centric shows.
  • Maintain Your Native Language: If only one parent is bilingual, the native language should be maintained. Be sure to keep your language alive even if your child doesn’t understand it at first.
  • Use The Same Words: When switching between languages, don’t change words in the same sentences. For instance, the Spanish word for “book” is “libro.” So when you instinctively switch from Spanish to English, say “book” and not “booky.”

When To Seek Help

Most bilingual children will start speaking fluently when they are around three years old. However, if they don’t appear to be speaking either language by that age, it may be time to talk to a pediatrician or speech pathologist.

Ultimately, there is no set timeline for when bilingual babies start talking. However, if parents are patient and use the right strategies, it won’t be long before they begin sharing their stories in two languages.