when do foals shed their baby coat



When do Foals Shed their Baby Coat?

Foals, or baby horses, are born with a soft, slick coat that becomes more dense and course as they grow older. This baby coat is known as the foal coat and will eventually shed. Knowing when foals shed their baby coat helps to understand the growth process of the foal and ensures they remain healthy and properly groomed.

When do Foals Shed their Baby Coat?

Foals typically begin to shed their baby coat at 6-8 months of age. The baby coat will slowly shed out and the adult coat will begin to appear. The adult coat is usually full in by 18 months of age.

Signs of a Shedding Foal

As the foal coat begins to shed there are a few signs to look for:

    • Rubbing: Foals may begin to rub against objects to help loosen the old coat.


    • Change in Color: The old coat may become lighter in color as the adult coat begins to emerge.


    • Patchy Hair Growth: The hair will become patchy as the shedding process occurs.


Sheen and Shine

Once the foal coat has shed, the adult coat should have a sheen and shine to it. Grooming the foal occasionally will help to maintain a healthy coat. This includes brushing, cleaning hooves, and cleaning around the muzzle. During shedding, the use of a shedding blade or comb can help remove the old coat.

Foal Coat Seasonal Shedding

Foals may also shed their coat during seasonal changes. This is known as natural shedding and will typically occur twice a year. The summer coat may be lighter than the winter coat and will shed in the spring and fall.


In conclusion, foals typically shed their baby coat at 6-8 months of age, with the adult coat being full in by 18 months. Signs of shedding include rubbing, changes in color, and patchy hair growth. Grooming regularly will help maintain a healthy adult coat and natural shedding may also occur twice a year.