when does tess have her baby on mcleod’s daughters



McLeod’s Daughters – Tess’ Baby

Tess’ Labour and Delivery

Tess Silverman from McLeod’s Daughters first goes into labour in the episode titled ‘Surprise Packages’, in Season 8. She had been experiencing false labour pains in the days leading up to this, but when the real thing starts, Tess quickly makes her way to the Maternity Unit at Drovers Run.

Once she is settled into the hospital, Tess is taken care of by both her doctor and her friends. Alex and Claire help Tess through her labour, and there are lots of tears and hugs to go around.

Tess’ Baby

In the Season 8 Finale titled ‘The Test of Time’, Tess gives birth to a baby girl. She and Harry name her Dinah and Tess sheds tears of joy as she looks at her newborn daughter.

The other cast members can’t help but be overcome with emotion when they see the new McLeod on Drovers Run:

    • Regan is overjoyed and celebrates by running around the hospital room


    • Nick looks on with a proud smile


    • Alex and Claire have a sisterly moment as they both cry tears of joy


The Aftermath of Tess’ Baby

Tess and her family return home with Dinah and welcome her into the family. There are lots of celebrations and new beginnings for the characters in McLeod’s Daughters, as they all come together to welcome the newest member of the family.

Everyone soon gets used to having Dinah around and the family adjust to life with a baby.

Tess’s new role as a mother is a special one, and she cherishes every moment she has with her daughter.