when is alicia romans baby due


When is Alicia Roman’s Baby Due?

Alicia Roman, the Puerto Rican-American singer and songwriter, has just announced that she is expecting a baby. Here are some facts that you should know about her pregnancy:

When is Her Baby Due?

Alicia Roman’s due date is sometime in early December 2020. She has not yet revealed her exact due date, however.

How Far Along Is Alicia?

Alicia is currently in her second trimester. She announced her pregnancy in late March, so she is likely close to five months pregnant.

What Has Alicia Said About Her Pregnancy?

Alicia has expressed excitement and joy about the upcoming arrival of her baby. She has also shared that she is taking all of the necessary precautions and getting the proper prenatal care.

What Are Alicia’s Plans For the Baby?

Alicia has stated that she plans to take a few months off to bond with her baby. She is also planning to make her music more family-friendly in the future, so that her child can grow up listening and enjoying her music.

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What Have Fans And Followers Been Saying?

Fans and followers of Alicia have been overjoyed by the news of her pregnancy. Many have taken to social media to express their support and best wishes for her and her baby.

Overall, Alicia Roman’s fans are thrilled for her and can’t wait for the arrival of her new baby! We look forward to following her exciting journey as she prepares to welcome a new baby into the world.