when is baby too big for dockatot


When is a Baby Too Big for the DockATot?

The DockATot is a popular and versatile lounger and sleep positioner for babies up to 8 months old. It provides a safe and comfortable environment where babies can rest and play, but when is the baby too big for it?

Weight Limit

The DockATot is designed specifically for age 0-8 months old and the upper weight limit is 20 pounds. Once the baby reaches 20 pounds, they should no longer be using the DockATot.

Lengths & Measurements

The DockATot can only be used until the baby is as long as the lounger. Baby should not exceed 34 inches in length, as this is the limit of the lounger.

Changes In Movement & Mobility

Once a baby is able to roll or otherwise move around a lot, they are too big for the DockATot. It is not designed to be a playpen nor it is safe to be used as such. If the baby is able to move around and roll in the lounger, it is no longer producing a safe environment and should not be used.

Signs Baby Is Too Big

You may also notice signs that the baby is too big for the DockATot. Here are some common signs that the baby has outgrown it:

  • The baby looks uncomfortable or cramped in the lounger.
  • The baby can easily move around or roll in the lounger.
  • The baby has reached the maximum weight or length.

Ultimately, if you feel as though your baby is too big for the DockATot, it is best to transition them to the next appropriate sleeping environment.