when is bindi’s second baby due


When is Bindi Irwin’s Second Baby Due?

Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late conservationist Steve Irwin, is set to welcome her second child with husband Chandler Powell in 2021. This will be the second child for the couple, who welcomed their daughter, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, in March 2020.

Why is Bindi’s Due Date Such Exciting News?

Fans of Steve Irwin have long looked upon Bindi as the de-facto ambassador for his conservation work and legacy. As such, the news of her pregnancy has been met with excitement from around the world.

Bindi reportedly announced the pregnancy in August of 2020, and is now eagerly awaiting her second child to be born later this year. Her pregnancy has served as a reminder to the world of her parent’s honors, and the importance of upholding their legacies of conservation and animal-centered activism.

What are Bindi and Chandler Doing to Celebrate?

The couple recently announced their plans to celebrate the upcoming birth of their baby with a gender reveal. Irwin and Powell plan to use balloons to reveal the gender of their as-yet-unnamed bundle of joy, with the various shades of pink or blue signifying the gender of their soon-to-be new baby.

Things to Know Before the Big Announcement:

While Bindi and Chandler have yet to set a date for the gender reveal, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The gender reveal will be done via balloons. The family will be using hot air balloons with either pink or blue shading, respectively, to indicate the gender of their baby.
  • It will likely take place sometime in 2021. While specifics are still unconfirmed, Bindi and Chandler are likely aiming for a 2021 gender reveal.
  • The baby is due sometime later in 2021. After the gender reveal, the new baby is due later in the year.

We can’t wait to hear the news when Bindi and Chandler Powell’s second child is born!