when is candice smith baby due


When is Candice Smith’s Baby Due?

Candice Smith, the wife of actor Bill Smith, is expecting her first child with him. It has been the subject of much speculation among fans who can’t wait to know the gender and date of birth of their future baby.

When Is Candice Smith’s Baby Due?

Candice and Bill have not yet revealed the due date of their bundle of joy. However, tabloids have reported that Candice’s baby is due in November 2020.

What Are the Gender and Name of Candice Smith’s Baby?

The couple are remaining tight-lipped about the gender and name of their baby. However, fans have speculated that it’s a girl since Candice and Bill only refer to their baby as she.

How Are Candice and Bill Preparing for Their Baby?

Candice and Bill are currently getting everything ready for the birth of their baby. They have been busy preparing the nursery, stocking up on diaper supplies and other essentials. They have also been taking prenatal classes in anticipation of the due date.

What Will Candice Smith Name Her Baby?

No one knows what Candice and Bill will call their baby. Fans have been creating online polls to guess the name. Popular choices include:

  • Grace
  • Mia
  • Kiara
  • Olivia
  • Amelia

Whatever the name, we can’t wait to meet Candice Smith’s baby when it arrives in November!