when is jessica on the five baby due


When is Jessica on the five Baby Due?

Jessica, one of the members of the American family reality TV show ‘The Five’, is soon to be a mom! It has been announced that she is expecting a baby with her husband.

Who is Jessica on The Five?

Jessica is an American television character who appears on the family reality TV show ‘The Five’. She is the only female in the family, making her one of the most popular characters on the show. She has a husband, three children, and a dog named Butters.

When is Jessica’s Baby Due?

Jessica’s baby is due in March 2021. She made the announcement to the public in September of this year.

What are the Baby’s Names?

Although Jessica is yet to officially announce the name of the baby, she has given some hints by stating that she likes the names Parker and Emerson for a girl, and Blake for a boy.

How Can Fans Follow Jessica’s Baby Shower?

Fans of the show can follow the latest updates on Jessica’s baby shower on the ‘The Five’ show’s official Instagram page. They can also watch a live stream of the baby shower on the show’s Facebook page.

What Can Fans Expect From Jessica’s Baby?

Jessica’s baby is sure to be a bundle of joy for both her and her family. Fans of the show can look forward to seeing lots of adorable family moments as Jessica grows her family of four into five.


Jessica’s baby is due in a few months and is sure to bring lots of joy to her family and fans alike. Keep an eye out for fun updates and adorable family moments related to the new baby!