when is kelly osbourne’s baby due



Kelly Osbourne’s Baby Due Date

It’s been announced that Kelly Osbourne is expecting her first child with fiancé, music producer and songwriter, Ricki Fallon. Here is everything you need to know about the due date of their little one.

How Far Along Are They?

The couple announced their pregnancy journey in May 2021 and they are now expecting their baby in the fall of this year. Kelly is due in October.

The Gender

Kelly and Ricki have not yet revealed the gender of their baby, however, they have shared some thoughts about names.

Thoughts On Names

Kelly has stated that she is not a fan of traditional baby names. Instead, they are leaning more towards something that “symbolizes strength and power”. She also hinted that if their baby is a girl, they may look into a name that’s “connected to a strong, independent female”.

What’s Next?

Kelly is currently busy preparing for her baby’s arrival and is excited to meet her little one in the fall. She has been open about her excitement and journey, sharing updates with her followers on social media.

We wish the couple nothing but the best during these times!