when is luffy gear 5 getting animated


When Will Luffy Gear 5 Get Animated?

The story arc of the fifth installment of the popular anime “One Piece” is coming to an end. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the fifth installment of the Gear Four saga – Luffy Gear 5 – ever since its introduction in the manga. The insatiable demand for the anime adaptation of this next installment of Gear Four has left many fans on edge, wondering when it will finally arrive.

What Is the Current Status?

At the time of writing, no official announcement has been made regarding the anime adaptation of Luffy Gear 5. Numerous industry reports and hearsay rumor that the Gear Four saga will continue in 2021 in the form of an anime adaptation.

Of course, no official dates or details have been provided by the studio or any other outlet. However, when the original series ran from 1999 to 2020, fans could expect the fifth installment to take no more than two years to be animated.

What Are Fans Saying?

The anticipation for the anime adaptation of Luffy Gear 5 has been nothing less than deafening. Speculations on when it will arrive range from the start of 2021 to a much later date in 2023.

Fans are eager to get more insight into the story and characters in this installment, as well as explore the limits of Luffy’s powers – all of which they can only experience with the addition of full animation.


Given the popularity of the One Piece manga and anime, it’s not surprising that many fans are eagerly awaiting Luffy Gear 5’s anime adaptation. Unfortunately, there is currently no official release date for the anime, and all speculations are just that – speculations. Fans’ eagerness to experience Luffy Gear 5 in a full-animated series only adds to the anticipation.