when should baby face out in stroller



When Should Babies Face out in a Stroller?

Strollers offer parents a great way to get around with their baby. But when is the right time for a baby to move from facing inward in the stroller to facing outward?

Age Guidelines

Most stroller manufacturers and pediatricians recommend that babies be turned to face outward once they reach 6-8 months of age. This allows young babies to safely explore the world around them and develop as they grow.

PRE Marks

Pay attention to the Recommendation, Evaluation, and Safety (PRE) marks on the stroller. Most strollers won’t support babies facing outward until they’re 3-6 months old, as babies need additional head and neck support in order to be safe.

Important Considerations

Though the age guidelines and PRE marks are a good guide, it is important to keep a few considerations in mind before transitioning your baby to face outward. Such considerations include:

    • Head and Neck Strength: Look for signs of head and neck control. Is your baby able to support their own head?


    • Awareness: Is your baby aware of the environment around them? Can they visually explore with minimal help from you?


    • Adjustable Straps: Are the stroller straps adjustable to ensure your baby fits securely in the stroller?


    • Protective Shield: Does your stroller come with a protective shield to keep your baby safe?



Though 6-8 months is the recommended age to turn babies face out in a stroller, it is important to consider your baby’s development and the safety features of your stroller before doing so. Doing so will ensure your baby’s safety and help you take full advantage of the great benefits the stroller has to offer.