when should you start your baby registry


When Should You Start Your Baby Registry?

Preparing for a newborn can be quite overwhelming; there is so much to consider and organize before their arrival. One essential step for any expecting parents is to create a baby registry. The baby registry is a list of items the parents will need for the baby ranging from clothing to furniture and digital devices – essential items which help to make parenting easier. But when is the most appropriate time to begin the registry?

When You Reach the Second Trimester

The ideal time to begin your baby registry is when you reach the second trimester. At this point, it’s advised that you set aside some time to sit down and research items, compare prices and start to build the list of necessities.

Prioritizing Your Registry

When creating your registry, it’s important to take into consideration your budget, the space you have available and what your child will actually need. There are a lot of nice-to-have items on the market but focus on what will be necessary for the first months of your child’s life.

In addition, items such as a crib, stroller or a car seat need to be prioritized. To ensure that you purchase from reliable vendors, thoroughly research the products before including them.

Other Considerations

Finally, there are some other things to consider when you create your baby registry:

  • Clothing: a few to start with and more later, as the baby will outgrow them soon
  • Diapers: Account for at least 3 months of usage
  • Safety Items: consider a cabinet lock, outlet covers, baby gate, etc.
  • Toys: Choose items that encourage learning and development
  • Feeding: Check the age appropriate requirements, and include items such as bottles, high chairs, bibs and pacifiers

Creating a baby registry is an important step for any expecting parents, and with the right preparation, you can get it done easily. Be sure to start early, when you’re in the second trimester, prioritize items according to the necessities and research the products before adding them to the list. All the best of luck!