when to lower baby’s crib



When to Lower Baby’s Crib

It’s important for parents to lower their baby’s crib mattress as soon as the infant can start to push up on her hands and knees. Taking this precautionary action lowers the chances of the baby becoming injured due to falling from the crib.

Safety Considerations

It is extremely important for parents to make sure their baby is safe in their crib, and lower the mattress when the baby can begin to push up on their own. Doing this will lower the chances of your little one:

    • Becoming injured upon rolling out of the crib


    • Discovering a way to climb out of the crib


    • Falling out of the crib when trying to stand


How Low to Lower the Crib Mattress?

The most important factor to consider when lowering a crib mattress is the height. The mattress should be lowered so that it’s no more than two inches above your baby’s torso when she’s in the crib, lying on her back. This ensures that your baby can’t climb up and out of the crib.

It’s wise to check the mattress height every once in a while; if it appears that your little one can climb over the crib rails, you may need to lower the mattress further.

How often should the Crib Mattress be Lowered?

It varies by baby. However, most parents need to lower the mattress once between the ages of 5 and 8 months. Then, between the ages of 9 and 11 months, parents may need to lower the mattress again.


Lowering your baby’s crib mattress is very important for their safety. By familiarizing yourself with the recommended height, you’ll ensure that your baby stays safe within her crib. Additionally, checking the mattress every few months will ensure your baby is always at the optimal height for safety.