when to use neutral gear


When to Use Neutral Gear

Neutral gear is a gear present in all automatic transmission vehicles. It is the perfect choice when you’re driving at a slow speed and need to step away from the vehicle. It can also be used to help conserve gas.

Uses of Neutral Gear

  • Starting or stopping of the vehicle: You should always aim to bring the car to a complete stop and then engage the Neutral gear before you start it again. This will allow the transmission system to get back in the tension between the two shafts.
  • Turning engine off: After you bring the car to a standstill, you should engage the Neutral gear and turn the key off.
  • Stalling the engine: If there is an emergency, or you think the engine is about to stall, put your vehicle in Neutral gear to be safe.
  • Towing: When towing a car, it’s important to tow the vehicle in Neutral to avoid any damage to the engine or transmission.
  • Downhill driving: When driving downhill, shift to Neutral gear to let the vehicle’s momentum carry you down while avoiding any damage to the braking system.
  • Parking your vehicle: You should always shift to Neutral when parking your car.

When Not to Use Neutral Gear

You should never use Neutral gear when your vehicle is in motion. Shifting to Neutral disconnects the transmission system, and if your car is in motion, it could cause the transmission to lock up. This can result in damage to the engine and transmission.

Whenever you’re starting the car or stopping it, always remember to use Neutral gear to ensure that your car remains in good condition and is functioning optimally.