when to use s gear in automatic car


Using the S Gear in an Automatic Car

Every modern day car out there has an automatic transmission, but some of these cars also come with a S gear too. But when should you use this gear for the most efficient journey?

City Driving and Stop-Start Traffic

The S gear is designed for slow speeds and city driving, as it allows you to have more control over the car and aids with acceleration. This gear is ideal for city driving and stop-start traffic and can help greatly in steep hills.

Gaining Speed

The S gear is perfect for gaining speed in a short amount of time, providing more power whilst consuming the same amount of fuel. It is perfect for overtaking and is especially useful when in/near hills, as it accelerates quicker than normal drive.

Using S Gear for Fuel Efficiency

Using the S gear when driving on the highway or on long trips can help improve fuel efficiency, as it lets the car stay in a lower gear longer. This helps reduce fuel consumption and can help save money on gas over time.

Common Mistakes

It is important to remember that when you put the car in S, it should stay in S. Many drivers forget to switch back to D once they reach their desired speed. Keeping the car in S means that it’s using more fuel and puts unnecessary strain on the transmission.

In conclusion, using the S gear in an automatic car is great for city driving and stop-start traffic, for gaining speed when overtaking and for improved fuel efficiency. The key is to remember to switch back to D once you reach your desired speed.