when will gear 5 luffy be animated


When Will Gear 5 Luffy be Animated?

The Gear 5 Luffy transformation has been at the center of attention since its activation in the One Piece Manga series. Fans of the series have been waiting eagerly for the animated version of this new transformation, but when will the wait end?

What is Gear 5 Luffy?

Gear 5 is the latest application of Luffy’s Gear abilities, a series of forms he has taken throughout the course of the series. Gear 5 is a form of advanced Gear 4 and is the most powerful transformation the Straw Hat Pirate captain has achieved yet.

When Will Gear 5 Luffy Be Animated?

It’s difficult to say when we can expect an animated version of Gear 5 Luffy. The manga has been in a transitional arc for some time, with a major chunk of the time in the chapter being devoted to the hype of Gear 5. This could mean that the anime is taking a slower approach to the transformation, thus delaying Gear 5’s animated debut.

That said, there is also a chance that the transformation could occur sooner than expected. The manga chapter released in July 2020 already showed Gear 5 Luffy fighting with his crew and enemies, so the animation could follow faster than expected.

How Exciting Is The Gear 5 Transformation?

The Gear 5 transformation is one of the most exciting changes for One Piece fans in recent times. Gear 5 allows Luffy to use extremely powerful attacks, thus taking the Straw Hat Pirates to a whole new level. Furthermore, it adds a layer of depth to Luffy’s character arc, which makes the series all the more interesting.


It is difficult to predict when we can expect Gear 5 Luffy’s animated debut, but all signs suggest that it won’t be too long before fans can get to see this powerful transformation on their screen. Until then, all we can do is sit tight and wait for the most exciting Gear transformation yet!