when will gear 5 luffy be animated


When Will Gear 5 Luffy Be Animated?

It’s believed that Gear 5 Luffy will be introduced in the upcoming 20th season of the highly successful anime, One Piece. This would make it one of the most eagerly awaited anime arcs in quite some time.

The Hype Around Gear 5 Luffy

The hype surrounding Gear 5 Luffy has been growing for a while, and with good reason. It is believed that when in this gear he is able to use a technique that can rival those of the greatest of Devil Fruits users. This would make him far stronger than before, and far more dangerous.

What We Know So Far

So far, there is no definite timeline for when Gear 5 Luffy may be animated. However, some things have been confirmed. For example, Oda, the creator of One Piece, confirmed it on a live stream. Hence, we can safely assume that Gear 5 Luffy will be animated at some point, it’s just a matter of when.

What Can We Expect?

Given the character’s power level, it’s likely that Gear 5 Luffy will be a major part of some kind of arc or story line, likely against quite powerful foes. We can also expect some pretty epic battles, and of course the intense training Luffy is known for.


In short, while there is no definite timeline, it’s likely we will see Gear 5 Luffy animated at some point in the future. This will likely be as part of a major arc that includes some thrilling battles, and furthers the story of One Piece in an exciting way.

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