when you sleep chords


When You Sleep Chords – All You Need to Know

Bringing that extra bit of emotion to any song, chords are one of the most important components when making music. The same goes for the popular song ‘When You Sleep’ by My Bloody Valentine. Knowing the right chords to use is essential if you want to play this classic track to perfection. Here’s what you need to know:

Chords Used

The song ‘When You Sleep’ is based on the D chord. This is the same chord and voicing used by the band in the recording on their album ‘Loveless’. The specific notes used are as follows:

  • Root Note: D
  • Third: A
  • Fifth: D
  • Eighth: A

The other chord used in ‘When You Sleep’ is an A minor chord, which is played before the D major chord. The notes used are D, A, E, and F.

Bass Line Notes and Patterns

The bass line of ‘When You Sleep’ follows the same chord progression as the chords. For the D chord, you’ll find the root, third, fifth, and eighth notes. For the A minor chord, you’ll find the root, third, fifth, and seventh notes.

The bass line also makes use of the octave jump key pattern. This involves playing the lower D note, followed by the higher octave D note, followed by the lower A note and the higher octave A note. This pattern is repeated throughout the song.


If you’re looking to recreate the sound of My Bloody Valentine’s hit song ‘When You Sleep’, you’ll need to start by knowing and playing the right chords. The song is based on two chords – D major and A minor. You’ll also need to make sure you’re following the octave jump key pattern when playing the bass line. With the right chords and techniques in place, you’ll have the whole song sounding like the original in no time!