where baby smoove from


Where does Baby Smoove come from?

Baby Smoove is a comical character featured in various online videos. Baby Smoove is known for his quirky personality and often tells jokes and funny characters. So, where does this character come from?


Baby Smoove has actually been around for many years. The character was first created by online comedians Oscar Smith and Kyle Watson of the internet sketch comedy duo “Two Tru Bros”. Originally the character was called “Baby Man” and featured in many of their videos.

The name “Baby Smoove” was created by Smith in an effort to make the character more marketable. The duo renamed the character and put a new spin on it. Despite the new name, the character retained the same quirky traits and fun-loving attitude.


Once Baby Smoove was established, he quickly became a hit with online viewers. He gained a massive following on Youtube, where his videos have achieved millions of views. In addition to Youtube, Baby Smoove can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outlets. He also has numerous fan groups dedicated to him, where fans can celebrate his antics and humor.


Baby Smoove has many catch phrases and ad-libs that his fans have come to know. Some of his popular catch phrases include:

  • “Aye, S’moove!”
  • “Put that on the Smoove Meter!”
  • “Smoove!”

Baby Smoove has become an internet sensation and continues to be an inspiration to millions of viewers around the world. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or simply enjoying the spirit of Baby Smoove, there is no denying that this character is here to stay.