where did darlene get the baby



Where Did Darlene Get the Baby?

There’s been much speculation about how Darlene, the protagonist in the show ‘The Conners’, came to have a baby in season 3. Let’s take a look at the facts and try to uncover the mystery.

Possible Explanations:

    • Adoption: This theory involves Darlene deciding to take the step of adopting a baby on her own, with little involvement from her family and friends. It was hinted at in the episode ‘Michelle Obama Presents: When We All Vote’ that Darlene was considering adoption.


    • Surrogacy: This theory is based on Darlene looking for a surrogate mother to carry her child who she had with her boyfriend, David. It was hinted at in the episode ‘What’s Up, Boo’ that Darlene was looking for a surrogate as she asked Odessa if she was interested.


What We Know for Sure:

Darlene reveals in the episode ‘The Mom Bonnet’ that her baby is part of a closed adoption. This means Darlene is not legally allowed to disclose the details of the adoption. Therefore, she’s unable to answer questions regarding where she got the baby, as she is not allowed to discuss the details of the adoption.


The mystery of where Darlene got the baby is still unsolved. However, based on the available evidence, it’s likely that either adoption or surrogacy were involved in the process. Ultimately, the answer will remain a mystery until more information is revealed.