where is sitka gear made


Introduction to Sitka Gear

Sitka Gear is an outdoor apparel company based in Bozeman, Montana and founded in 2005. They are highly specialized in manufacturing premium hunting apparel and accessories engineered to keep hunters warm, dry, and comfortable in any environment. Sitka Gear is trusted by some of the toughest and harshest hunters in North America.

Where is Sitka Gear Made?

Most of Sitka Gear’s apparel and accessories are manufactured in Vietnam. Their highly advanced fabrics are milled and constructed in house in Vietnam’s most experienced apparel factories. Sitka Gear also works closely with North American suppliers like Polartec (makers of fleece and high performance synthetics).

Sitka Gear has strict production standards that all factories must adhere to in order to meet their standards. All workers are treated fairly and paid competitive wages, plus benefits. Sitka Gear also enforces a strict code of conduct that includes no child labor, no forced labor, safe working conditions, and no discrimination.

Sitka Gear invests heavily in research and development on the cutting edge of technology, while staying true to traditional craftsmanship to ensure a product of outstanding quality and value.

Sitka Gear’s commitment to quality isn’t just on the production side. Every product undergoes several quality assurance reviews through Sitka Gear before it is shipped to ensure that it meets their strict standards.


Sitka Gear’s commitment to delivering premium outdoor apparel and accessories has earned them a loyal customer base and the trust of some of the toughest and harshest hunters in North America. Their products are manufactured in Vietnam with strict production standards, North American fabrics, and are quality-assured through several reviews before being shipped. Ultimately, Sitka Gear is one of the leaders in outdoor apparel and committed to staying true to their roots of quality craftsmanship and commitment to the outdoors.