where to get pvp gear dragonflight


Dragonflight PvP Gear

Dragonflight is a popular MMORPG game, which can be played both on PC and mobile. It has great visuals and a fascinating storyline, so it’s no surprise that players are searching for the best PvP gear the game has to offer. Whether you’re looking to boost your power in team fights or become the best-looking player in-game, this article has you covered.


The main way of obtaining PvP gear in Dragonflight is through vendors. These are NPCs found in the game world, who offer random gear in exchange for gold or in-game currency. It is highly recommended that players check these vendors regularly, as the stock of armor is constantly updated with different pieces of gear. It is also a cost-effective way to get the gear you need for PvP.


Another way of obtaining PvP gear is by completing in-game quests. Quests reward players with gold, items and often special PvP gear, such as armor, weapons and consumables. It is a great way to get powerful gear quickly, and can also earn you extra rewards.


Players can also find some of the best PvP gear by taking part in raids. Raids are special in-game events, which involve a group of players fighting a powerful monster or boss. The loot they can get from these raids is always powerful and can give players a big advantage in PvP.

Auction House ​

The Auction House is another great source of PvP gear. This in-game feature allows players to bid on valuable items, such as armor, weapons and consumables. Players can often find some great deals here, or even things they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Finally, players can also create their own gear for PvP in Dragonflight using the crafting system. This is a great way of ensuring that you have the best gear available for battles.


Dragonflight offers players plenty of ways to get PvP gear. From vendors, quests and raiding to the Auction House and crafting, there are plenty of options for players to get the gear they need for PvP. So, make sure to explore all of these sources and get the best PvP gear the game has to offer.